Starting the Journey as a Developer

Beginning your journey with computer science is always filled with a lots of doubts. Debunking all the myths surrounding computer science and clarifying your doubts is the reason for this AMA

We addressed the following question in our last Ask Me Anything Session. The recording is linked for you to refer.

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This resource aggregation has been a combined efforts of many individuals to make the process of starting the journey easier for you.

This guide is the one of the finest aggregation that we ourselves have leveraged to gain knowledge in these domains. The world of Computer Science is near infinite and this list is in no way complete. Before building any project, we recommend you to refer to latest docs and practices to make sure you are always updated. We always recommend you to take a free course first to get knowledge about what it is and then only go for a paid course(only if you consider it would help you). There are student offers on a lot of paid resources(more on that in guide). Leverage that.

What do we request in return?

It is a request to future batches and to all using this guide to make sure you pass on the knowledge to others and keep the community sustainable. Let us together make everyone awesome. If you have suggestions and ways to improve, reach out to us at [email protected].

Let the show begin

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